With your content and our products, we achieve predictable results in the form of traffic and leads

With our strong B2B targeting, we reach the right decision-makers from IT, production, HR, marketing and trade

We activate your target audience – structured and efficient. Get guaranteed campaign results from exactly your target group

Lead generation

An efficient Lead generation that uses all digital channels is the basis for growth and new business.

With individual Content Marketing Campaigns to Multichannel lead generation we deliver high-quality B2B leads – customer-specific qualified, differentiated according to level of interest and degree of maturity, quality-assured and GDPR compliant. (Elements clickable)

Email Marketing

Efficient Email Marketing with targeted mailings to defined target groups is the basis for your business success.

With e.g. individual Standalone emailing Campaignswe deliver high-quality B2B traffic to your landing pages and e-commerce offers,
quality assured and
GDPR compliant.

Web conferencing

As a company, you want Specialist decision maker from the areas Reach IT, marketing, HR or production .

A multisensory approach causes up to 10 times higher brand awareness among your target group . We provide you with the right specialist decision-makers from your industry. By broadcasting your presentation live activate attention immediately Of your potential new leads. Generate with our Web conferencing between 80-150 new leads per conference and benefit from the on-demand version, among other things, of high-quality content for subsequent further use.

Content creation

By first class content win that Interest of your target group and increase attention for your topics.

They provide us with the important information and keywords and our editors use it to create high-value content in the desired content format – as a checklist, white paper, e-book or infographic. Thanks to our layout, you also benefit from Business.today Network as a consultant for your topic. Upon request, we can also design the content in your corporate identity.

Social marketing

Almost everyone is active on social media. Very few understand how to tap into this huge market potential and how to use the contact points effectively. Our social marketing products offer you a solution. Use the power of our offer and open up the possibilities of the social web for your business.

Do You Have Questions? We have the answers!

No, your request is initially completely non-binding. Only when the offer has been checked and signed by us, you place the order with us.

Lead generation campaign

We need around 30 working days to generate 100 leads per campaign. We set about 10 working days for the campaign setup and coordination with the customers.


Usually expect a lead time of two weeks before mailing and after Order placement. If you have to move fast and your first email marketing campaign isn’t too complicated, you can get started in a week. On the other hand, you should plan three to four weeks in advance for complex projects until all the necessary processes have been configured and tested. Our e-mailing campaigns are usually sent in five to ten batches until the total dispatch volume is reached. This means that shipping takes one to two weeks.

Sponsored Post

We expect an average of at least 3 working days from the booking to the implementation of a sponsored post.

Newsletter native ad

From booking to implementation and sending of a newsletter native ad, we expect an average of at least 3-4 working days.

We do not give an “official” performance guarantee for standalone mailings, as the interest of readers in relation to the topics offered varies considerably. In principle, however, we ensure the following KPIs: opening rate between 12% and 20%, CTR between 1.5% and 5%.

We do not guarantee specific registrations for standalone mailings, but we offer this product: MQL-Lead.

You can also have a Sponsored Post on our vertical matching the target group ( marketingleiter.today ; IT-Management.today ; business.today Network ; HR manager.today and Production Manager.today ) book. In this way, you generate additional attention and consequently additional leads.

Yes, the process and the consent are monitored by our external data protection officer. Basically, we deliver the generated leads with all permissions to use the prospect data for our customers.

On the one hand you need e-mail addresses with the permission of the owner in order to be able to write to them, these addresses are selected and filtered for you by the Business.today Network and the LeadFactory from our B2B decision-maker database. Second, you need a marketing message with a suitable call-to-action. The content and message should be interesting and useful enough that email recipients can easily read it (otherwise there is a risk that email recipients will revoke their consent). You can deliver your own HTML templates for e-mails or use the templates from the LeadFactory.

Vertical mailing includes sending to all subscriber of the respective portal. These are mainly B2B decision-makers, but also info @ addresses, freemailer addresses, students, etc. In other words, there is interest in the topics, but a “real” decision-maker role is only available to a certain extent, so the dispatch volume is high .

The standalone mailing is sent to high-quality target groups, ie only business e-mail addresses, only to “real” decision-makers in certain industries and job functions. That’s fewer contacts, but with more precise targeting.

Success rates like opening rate and click rate largely depend on the selection of addresses and the marketing message. We usually achieve an open rate of 10-20%. Personalized e-mails with content that is individually tailored to the recipient’s profile and contain valuable content can achieve values of over 20%. The average click rate (ctr) is between 1.5% and 3.5% across all industries and target groups. In this case, too, higher values can be achieved through personalization and individualization (up to 5%).

We calculate our email campaigns with a contact price in thousands (CPM, TKP), which is determined depending on the target group, selection criteria and dispatch volume. With our e-mailing configurator you can put together your individual campaign and start an offer request: Standalone emailing , Multi-touch emailing .

The short answer: Immediately after the virtual conference and as part of the follow-up work by us.

Agreement and organization are the keywords here. We take care of both. After you have registered as a speaker, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the further procedure. We date a dry run, a dress rehearsal in which we rehearse the later live event together with all the speakers. We direct the event itself. You can rely on us. You simply have your keynote with you and then enrich Spot-On for all participants with your content.

Content syndication is themultiple use of specialist articles Roger that. Articles, interviews, blog posts, studies and any form of text are just as much part of this media content as infographics, videos or podcasts. If you want to syndicate your content, make it available to us for reuse and further use. We will then publish your content in the form of a sponsored post on our portals.

Content creation is the creation of multi-valued, topic-specific content. Whitepaper , One-pager, e-books, webinars and any form of text are just as much a part of this media content as infographics.

Content seeding summarizes the targeted distribution of content that offers the target group added value.