Product range exactly in the B2B procurement process

We understand the B2B procurement process. Based on our B2B decision-making database and a content marketing approach, we are able to deliver leads in exactly the lead levels you specify.

Reach relevant target groups in all phases of business initiation

LeadFactory portals extend lead campaigns, act as sender brands and provide information and industry news

Target groups

LeadFactory has access to one of the largest and most well-maintained databases with contact details of persons from companies based in Germany. Our customers mainly generate German leads, rounded off by Swiss and Austrian leads. Other countries on request.

German B2B leads of high quality in a defined time and number, reliable planning and measurable shopping is critical for many of our customers. The LeadFactory is one of only a few companies in Germany that can do this. Many competitors fail to have either too few addresses, or only reach the first level of management as traditional address data providers, or do not have the personalized contact with the expert decision maker.

LeadFactory has a systematically built database with more than one million contact partners in over 500.000 thousand companies. For all of these contact persons, contact details are available and can be reached via various communication channels. This means that as a customer, you do not have to turn an extra round about the center or the anteroom of the contact persons, but you can reach your target group directly.

Our databases contain over 500.000 thousand companies from the following industries:

  • Automotive and vehicle industries and suppliers
  • Information services
  • Telecommunication services
  • Mechanical engineering and plant engineering
  • Commerce and e-commerce
  • Electrical industry
  • Media, publishing and other services
  • Aerospace and spacecraft construction
  • Construction industry and many more

Our dedicated B2B database contains many large companies and international corporations above average in the industry comparison. Typically, the number of SMEs in the LeadFactory databases is the majority.

One million registered contacts work in functional departments and are responsible for:

  • Managing directors
  • Marketing and Sales
  • IT
  • Product management
  • Production
  • Engineering
  • HR
  • Controlling / Finance
  • And many more

Usually, the professional contacts have a high budget decision-making responsibility. They work in the following positions or decision-making levels:

  • Higher management / executive board
  • Business unit management, Directorat


  • Experts / specialists with management responsibility, department managers


  • Team leaders and project managers, managers


  • Specialists with budget responsibility
  • Experts without budget responsibility but functional preparers for decision-makers


The high data quality ensures that our campaigns deliver measurable results: highly qualified leads in time, in budget, in quality.

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Data sources

Professional portals with relevant information for decision-makers

LeadFactory reaches thousands of professionals, decision-makers and functional preparers for decision-makers from numerous sectors and disciplines every day. Through Network specialist portals such as or, LeadFactory has built up a large part of its database. Experts are on the search for professional information daily. Many of these readers who are online will find relevant and up-to-date content for your specialist area on expert portals such as sales and Specific information such as whitepaper, checklists and infographics are available free of charge but they are often linked to the obligation to register with the personal email address in the B2B environment. LeadFactory has built up a large part of its database: with content marketing – the providing of relevant, specific information for the registration of the e-mail address in return (permission marketing).

Crawling, automated query of freely available information

LeadFactory has intelligently enriched with company information that is mostly freely available (crawling free sources). This includes, for example, postal addresses of companies from the respective contact and imprint pages of the company. Further company information such as company size and sector are also freely available and usable on the internet.

Career news document the areas of responsibility of persons

Job titles, tasks and decision-making positions of professional contacts are often also freely available on the Internet: many companies publish the change of responsibility of their critical positions in press portals and specialist media. LeadFactory has entered into co-operation with more than 700 specialist media, in which these reports are published, and systematically evaluates this information. Thus, LeadFactory consolidates and compacts freely available, decentralized information using powerful technology and intelligent evaluation algorithms.

Intelligent linking of specific information with company-specific data generates a decisive added value, which will benefit LeadFactory customers.

Social media reveals current corporate themes and projects

In addition, the records are enriched with so-called social signals from the professional social networks such as Xing and LinkedIn. This allows potential stakeholders to be identified better for specific products and services.

Database / email marketing

With LeadFactory’s database, you can reach over two million business decision-makers from more than one million companies. 

LeadFactory does not only have the postal addresses of the companies, but also researches email address and / or telephone dial-up of the interested parties via download forms. We are looking for key-related data like decision level and the functions (job titles) in companies. Not only from the first level of management, but also from the second and third levels, which often prepare investment decisions and get offers from the most important providers. From most data vendors, you only reach the first management level – the managing directors, because these data are already freely available on the Internet and in the commercial register. You will generally not receive any personal data, such as direct e-mail address and telephone extension. Your advantage: LeadFactory also supports you in the process of upgrading your own records with valuable, business-relevant information.

Our customers also rate as helpful that the records are mostly linked directly to professional social networks such as Xing and LinkedIn so they can easily access historical information from the contact person. This saves valuable research time, which allows your sales department to invest more time in the sales process.

In addition to the business-related data, company-specific data such as sector and company size are key features that you can use to filter your target group within our database.

A key advantage that we provide to our customers is the intelligent combination of reach-channels. For example, Leadfactory has a large number of themed, tightly defined landingspages that recognize the early investment decisions of companies at specific signals: The employees at the research level collect relevant information in the form of free downloads.

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Social media channels

The importance of social media channels in lead generation has grown heavily in recent years, even in the B2B environment. More than 80% of American B2B companies now use LinkedIn for B2B lead generation. The key success factor for LeadFactory when using social media channels is that the results are measurable. For this reason, we have built up a structure that has a twofold effect:

1. LeadFactory has publisher access to over 3,000 specialist groups and multipliers in professional social networks, such as Xing and LinkedIn, through its own network and partner collaborations. This means for our customers that we can publish their topics in a targeted manner in the relevant groups. In this way, our customers reach their target group not only more precisely, but also in their increased reach through our multiplier network. Leadfactory provides around 10 million group members in social networks per month. This saves time and effort for the marketing responsibility of our customers and at the same time provides greater reach than in our own efforts.

2. The impact of publications in social media networks is measurable. LeadFactory has set up an intelligent network of signal antennas (data analysis) to help customers understand the social media channels that work for them.

Leadfactory specialist portals

15,000 employees of companies receive information about specialist articles, news, studies, new products and services, careers and events from their field through our 12 specialist portals each month. The information is professionally curated and clearly prepared. In this way, we reach many target groups directly in their professional environment and can use data analysis to identify upcoming investment decisions in companies. Marketing managers, sales managers, personnel leaders and IT managers can find out online at the following specialist portals at LeadFactory:


Press portals

LeadFactory has built collaborations with over 700 strong media and press platforms in which our customers can conveniently and centrally manage their publications. Every month, more than 5 million readers find themselves in the portals of our partners and are available to LeadFactory customers. The produced content can be used many times within a campaign, e.g. as a teaser in social networks, as a long text and press release in specialist media and press portals, as an e-mailing to a top target group and as a whitepaper for downloading in a LeadFactory portal for specialist decision makers. This integrated marketing approach achieves the maximum target with minimal effort.


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