Whitepaper creation

Whitepaper creation


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Editorial, layout and production of a white paper in connection with a content marketing or lead generation campaign. The whitepaper is created by LeadFactory and the editorial team of the Business.today Network.

  • Content configurator

    Start your individual whitepaper content creation here. Use the configurator to define your content type and the appropriate service options.


    Layout for a whitepaper text with 1,500 to max. 2,000 words and max. 6 pages. The text is finally delivered by the client.


    Layout and editorial for a text incl. graphics with 1,500 to max. 2,000 words and max. 6 pages.

    Bitte wählen Sie zunächst Whitepaper-Full Service oder Whitepaper-Layout (oben, Variante).

    Zusätzlicher Text (je Seite)

    Redaktion und Layout einer zusätzlichen Tabelle oder Liste.

    Erstellung einer neuen Grafik nach Vorlage, z.B. Screenshot.

    Anpassung einer bestehenden Grafik in Farbe, Stil, Format und Qualität.

    individual template

    Application of a specific individual template or style guide.

    open file

    Transfer of an open file to the client, e.g. Illustrator (.IDD).

    additional correction run

    Additional proofreading run with the client (standard is max. 2 proofreading runs).

  • Project management

    Please select the preferred number at the end.

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales manager or our sales team: +49 40 3 28 90 52-330, [email protected].


Marketing content in the form of editorial content arouse interest among decision-makers, create an optimal environment for dialogue and initiate the sales process.We create for you topic-specific marketing content (e.g. Whitepaper creation ) in connection with content marketing and lead generation campaigns. Our service is based on a detailed briefing as well as relevant data and information provided by the client.

Advantages of white paper creation

  • High quality marketing content and Basis for high quality leads
  • Visible competence and credibility of the customer through high utility value for the target group
  • Great utility thanks to professional editing and a tried and tested layout
  • Competence effect through facts, data, statistics and charts
  • Target group-specific information , Assistance and arguments
  • Viral effect through sharing option for the B2B social media channel

More content formats

  • One-pager
  • Infographic
  • eBook
  • Webinar

Services of the LeadFactory

  • Editorial management by the editorial team of Business.today Network
  • Briefing discussion with a specialist editor and layouter (max. 3 x via web conference or telephone)
  • Editing, layout and production
  • Approval by placing the order incl. Max. 2 correction runs
  • Rights of use go with the handover to the client

Additional information

Product description

Argumentative specialist article incl. Title, teaser, conclusion. Layout and editing for a text incl.


Text with 1,500 to max. 2,000 words and max. 6 pages


Standard LeadFactory or BTN template
Campaign sponsor logo
1 x header graphic (EPS, final)
1 x text graphic, table or list (EPS, final)
Optional: Stock photos are supplied by the customer


Max. 3 x briefing (web conference or telephone) with a specialist editor and layouter
Editing, layout and production
Max. 2 correction runs until approval
Rights of use go with the handover to the customer


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