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Standalone Emailings

Activate your target group

with responsive mailings

The standalone e-mailing is an email broadcast to selected prospects in our B2B decision maker database. The e-mail refers compactly to your solutions and news and directs interested recipients to your landing page.

from 120,00 € CPM / cpm *

Whitepaper lead

Inbound traffic through email marketing in specifically target groups

Activate your target group with an individual
Email campaign

B2B email marketing with the Leadfactory and the Network

Efficient email Marketing with targeted mailings to defined target groups is the basis for your business success. With individual standalone email campaigns we deliver high-quality B2B traffic to your landingpages and e-commerce offers, quality-assured and GDPR compliant.

Choose the optimal target group for your solutions

IT management decision-maker
HR decision-maker
Manufacturing decision-maker
Marketing decision-maker
Logistics decision-maker
others on request

Standalone emailing in detail

product A standalone emailing is an email broadcast to a defined target group that has been selected by a specific filter in the LeadFactory decision maker database. The e-mail refers compactly to solutions and news of the client and directs the interested recipients to a landingpage. The sender of the e-mailing is a brand of the Network, the client appears as campaign sponsor via co-branding.
* Prices / units Billing is based on the email quantity as a thousand contact price (CPM) / cost per mile (cpm)
Sender brands Email campaigns are implemented by the Network (sister company of LeadFactory GmbH). Sender:

Plus: the client’s brand, ie the campaign sponsor

variants “One-Shot”: 1 transmission, 1 appointment or several appointments (transmission intervals)
Services of the LeadFactory Standard services:

  • Identification of the target group based on the LeadFactory B2B database
  • Setup of the campaign and the campaign components (e-mail template or HTML template of the campaign sponsor)
  • Quality assurance, ie valid company e-mail addresses, availability
  • EMail testing and quality assurance
  • Basic reporting & final report
Reporting Dispatch (recipient), recipient technically reached, opener / open rate, clicks / click rate
layout Variants:

  • BTN standard template
  • Final HTML template of the client (max. 1500 characters, free design of text + image + link,
    own HTML can be used
  • Header (600 x 250 px) and footer can be freely designed
  • Newsletter creation by Network / LeadFactory
Specifications Recommendation:

  • Subject max. 50 characters
  • Copy max. 1500 characters
  • Header 600 x 250 px, 72 dpi, max. 100 KB
  • Logo 200 x 80 px, 72 dpi
  • other formats on request

Target groups, reach and opening rates: Find out more about our email marketing solutions

Mailing Spezifikationen
Mailing Spezifikationen
Mailing Spezifikationen
Mailing Specs
Leadfactory emailing

Reach target contacts with your relevant content

Choose the right options for your standalone emailing from our offer

Do you have questions? We have the answers!

Firstly, you need email addresses with the owner’s permission to write to them; these addresses are selected and filtered for you by the Network and LeadFactory from our B2B decision-maker database. Secondly, you need a marketing message with a suitable call-to-action. The content and the message should be so interesting and useful that email recipients can easily read it (otherwise there is a risk that email recipients will revoke their consent). For the emailing, you can deliver your own HTML templates, or use LeadFactory’s templates.

You choose the portal that best suits your target group. Depending on the topic, the newsletter can also be sent via different portals.

Vertical mailing includes sending to all subscribers of the respective portal. These are mainly B2B decision-makers, but also info@ addresses, freemailer addresses, students, etc. I.e. there is interest in the topics, but a “real” decision-maker role is only present to a certain extent, but the mailing volume is high.

The standalone mailing is sent to higher quality target groups, i.e. only business e-mail addresses, exclusively only to “real” decision makers in certain industries and job functions. That’s fewer contacts, but with more precise targeting.

The mailings are also suitable for events. Basically, our email campaigns bring qualified traffic to a well-defined target group on the landing pages of our customers, which converts there accordingly. We have already activated a large number of participants in webinars / events via this channel.

As a rule, expect a lead time of two weeks before sending and after placing the order. If you need to move particularly quickly and your first email marketing campaign is not too complicated, you can start in a week. On the other hand, for complex projects, you should plan three to four weeks in advance until all the necessary processes are configured and tested. Our emailing campaigns are usually sent out in five to ten batches until the total sending volume is reached. As a result, the mailing takes one to two weeks.

Success rates such as open rate and click rate largely depend on the selection of addresses and the marketing message. Typically, we achieve an open rate of 10-20%. Personalized emails with content that is individually tailored to the recipient’s profile and contains valuable content can achieve values above 20%. The average click-through rate (ctr) across all industries and target groups is between 1.5% and 3.5%. In this case, personalization and individualization can also achieve higher values (up to 5%).

We don’t give an “official” performance guarantee for standalone mailings, as the interest of readers varies quite a bit in relation to the topics offered. However, we generally guarantee the following KPIs: open rate between 12% and 20%, CTR between 1.5% and 5%.

We do not guarantee concrete sign-ups with standalone mailing, but we offer this product for that: MQL lead .

We bill our e-mail campaigns with a per-thousand-contact price (CPM, TKP), which is determined depending on the target group, selection criteria and mailing volume. With our e-mailing configurator, you can put together your individual campaign and start a quote request: Standalone emailing , Multi-touch emailing .

No, your inquiry is initially completely non-binding. Only when the offer has been checked and signed by you, you place the order with us.

No, a reminder is not included, but can be added. A reminder costs 50% of the normal mailing price.

Satisfied costumers are our best reference

Referenz Marco Stolze

“Due to the high quality and quantity of decision maker leads in the LeadFactory database, we can now offer stand-alone newsletter addresses to our many B2B customers and market potentials in a more targeted manner at the highest professional level.”

Marco Proud, Managing Director TripleDoubleU GmbH

“LeadFactory is the best partner for new customer acquisition in B2B, with its own high-quality address database and a highly automated system that saves an enormous amount of work. For lead generation via email campaigns, flanked by social media marketing, LeadFactory is first choice.”

Christine Stumpf, CMO Lupus Labs
Referenz Wolfang Tittmar

“We work together with Leadfactory in address and lead generation. Performance and results convince us again and again.”

Wolfgang Tittmar, Marketing Manager, Truphone Germany

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