Generate high-quality B2B leads for your sales- and marketing-team

Take advantage of our strong technical platform and a powerful B2B database of more than 2 million decision-makers for your sales pipeline.

Generate qualified leads with content marketing campaigns

With digital lead generation you can reach your desired customers and direct them to a conclusion-orientated sales process. The focus in our content marketing campaigns is to achieve measurable results. LeadFactory bundles all relevant measures of the campaigns for you and gives you a head start in the demanding B2B sales.

We generate your leads using data driven content marketing campaigns that are automated through our SaaS platform into the relevant B2B channels.

Editorial contents evoke the interest of decision-makers through optimized online formats, create an optimal environment for dialogue and lead the sales process.

50 or 5000 leads: We scale your lead number according to your needs and address your product to more than two million decision-makers from more than one million companies.

We sit together with you and advise you on campaign optimization. We support you with detailed reports, expert knowledge and structured data analysis.

The direct control and management of campaigns without time delay is important to you. That is why you can check the status of your campaign at any time live and in every phase in our system and, if necessary, optimize it.

A good campaign adapts to the channel it is running on. We ensure that your message arrives at those who should hear and read it. Always different, always creative, always successful.

LeadFactory campaigns deliver measurable results

Companies like to know how much a sales-relevant contact costs. LeadFactory can answer this question and shows companies how to reliably generate B2B leads for your sales pipeline.

Extend your lead base to include instant decision maker contacts

More than two million relevant decision-makers are already present in our data pool and can be directly addressed via campaigns in a simple, fast and uncomplicated manner. Informative campaigns are created that precisely reach your target group and create the optimal basis for the sales process by linking different online formats with relevant content.

With the LeadFactory network you can access:

Expert decision makers
Professional portals

Satisfied customers are our best reference

With over 10,000 generated leads for our customers, we are one of the leading providers for digital business solutions. A selection of our customers:

“We work together with the LeadFactory in the address and lead generation. Performance and results convince us again and again.”
Wolfgang Tittmar, Marketing Manager Truphone Germany in January 2016
“Management and employees have excellent and reliable knowledge in generating B2B leads.”
O. Buse, Buses and partners in November 2015

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Use B2B online marketing professionally

Using B2B online marketing professionally is now one of the most important success criteria for companies to attract new customers efficiently. This does not only apply to international corporations, but also increasingly for SMEs. Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have learned that B2B online marketing measures are significantly supportive for their sales. Professional-minded B2B companies are increasingly focusing on content marketing because it is important that the B2B online marketing measures contribute measurably to the sales success. Pure visual contacts with an advertising banner are no longer sufficient to justify the marketing investments of medium-sized companies. B2B Online Marketing is useful when potential customers become aware of the performance of a company through useful contents. Therefore, B2B companies must create high-quality contents and publish them online. This is an important part of Content Marketing. Companies that do not have a proven track record in Lead Generation for content marketing sales should use the experience of experts to start and to professionalize the marketing team.

The content strategy in the online marketing mix

In the online marketing mix, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), entries in industry and company directories and social media marketing (SMM) also play an important role in rounding up the image of the company. In particular, social media marketing is a challenge for many B2B companies when results are difficult to measure or the ratio of effort and earnings needs to be optimized. Then, companies should not hesitate to consult experts to train their own team and optimize results. Social media marketing cannot be viewed in isolation because it intervenes in other measures purely and also affects the results of SEO and inbound marketing. For all B2B Online Marketing activities, it is central to provide useful content and place it in all channels according to a meaningful content marketing strategy. Based on thought-through content marketing, multichannel campaigns can be easily and efficiently placed in search engines, social networks, and even on professional portals (PR) Efficiently. LeadFactory takes over content marketing for you and creates multi-channel campaigns for B2B lead generation.

Lead Generation with Content Marketing Campaigns in B2B

Many medium-sized B2B companies have redefined their online marketing strategy in 2015 with the aim of bringing out more measurable results from their marketing investments. One of the most important metrics in the B2B business is the number of leads, thus contacts, potential buyers, or prospects that the sales person gets into the sales pipeline to turn the potential into actual new customers. How many leads have you won in 2015? And how well were these contacts, were they really interested in your solution, your product or your service? Is the contact really a budget decision maker? How far is the contact in the Customer Journey? Is the contact already “salesready”?
The overwhelming majority of decisions in the B2B business have already been prepared for several months before the contracting authorities request a quotation from a few suppliers. That is why it is essential for every B2B company in the acquisition of new customers to recognize the signals when a budget decision is about to be made by potential customers. This task fulfills content marketing because it places useful content in the search field and in the direct environment of decision makers. LeadFactory knows the search radius of potential customers and often has the direct contact to 2 million expert decision makers.

B2B Online-Online Marketing with LeadFactory

LeadFactory offers you numerous advantages. We help to reach your target audience precisely and in the desired amount with efficient content marketing campaigns to attract new customers for your products and services. B2B lead generation with LeadFactory will strengthen your sales, because it will build contacts with your desired customers. Take advantage of our powerful business decision-making database, with over two million B2B contacts. Send email campaigns to your target group and use the content at the same time for social media, selected professional portals and partner press portals. Through our centralized management platform, you can roll out campaigns into several relevant channels with less effort. You benefit from our automated processes, our service from a single source. We would be pleased to advise you on the creation and optimization of your content marketing strategy when selecting B2B online marketing channels. We support you with the knowledge of experts whose experience is based on more than 1000 online marketing campaigns and best practices. Take profit from our online marketing tips, e.g. On the subject of digitization, content marketing, industry 4.0, online marketing in the middle class and sign up for our newsletter . Thereby you do not miss any whitepaper, no webinar, no tutorial and no checklist. Follow us.