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Take advantage of our Business.today Network reach and publish your special interest articles and press releases on our portals. Sponsored content gives you room for creative ideas, an increased chance to generate leads and effective monetization of your articles

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Efficient content distribution via relevant digital channels – Place your specialist article in an optimal target group environment

Take advantage of our reach with a sponsored post in the Business.today Network

B2B content distribution with the Leadfactory and the Business.today Network

As a company, you want to reach expert decision-makers from the fields of IT, marketing, HR, business, industry, trade or science.

The Business.today Network operates a total of 14 specialist and verticals on which we publish your content in the form of editorial specialist articles. The portals are aimed at target groups and readers with an explicit B2B background.

Choose the optimal vertical for your specialist articles and press releases

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product A Sponsored Post is an editorial feature article that is published as a full-fledged, featured article across selected BTN Online channels. Each post is carefully reviewed by our content experts to achieve the greatest possible reach and target group response. The attractive placement of the articles has the advantage that the willingness of our selected target group to read their article is particularly high. Among other things, interesting headlines and meaningful teasers are designed to generate valuable page views and clicks.
* Prices / units Flat rate single price
method Content Syndication
Desired portal Sponsored posts are published on the specialist portals of the Business.today Network (sister company of B2B LeadFactory GmbH):

  • basic
  • plus
  • Premium
Additional services Newsletter seeding
running time 52 weeks

Target groups, reach and opening rates: Find out more about our content marketing solutions

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Your target group: B2B decision-makers

With high-quality sponsored posts on the portals of the Business.today Network, you as an advertising customer, you can reach your B2B decision-makers in large companies and SMEs, primarily managing directors, project managers, department heads and authorized signatories. With us, you can address business-oriented target groups very precisely and benefit from the experience of our editorial team. All sponsored posts are labeled as sponsored posts in accordance with the law.

Through our portals, you can reach over 250,000 B2B decision-makers every month. In this target group, you can address your marketing messages (news, product reviews, etc.) directly to your target group with Sponsored Post and company news.

Reach target contacts with your relevant content

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Content syndication is the multiple use of professional articles. Articles, interviews, blog posts, studies, and any form of text are just as much part of this media content as infographics, videos, or podcasts. If you want to syndicate your content, you provide it to us for reuse and repurposing. We will then publish your content in the form of a sponsored post on our portals.

No, we put the text (headline, subline, copy, images) into the desired web page without any changes. As soon as the sponsored post is published, the client receives the URL for viewing.

There are the BASIC, PLUS and PREMIUM variants with different scopes and additional features.


  • Content: up to 700 words
  • Running time: 52 KW
  • Top news placement: 1 KW
  • Newsletter seeding


  • Content: up to 1,000 words
  • Duration: 52 KW
  • Top news placement: 2 KW
  • Updates: 1 x text
  • Pageviews: 200 guaranteed
  • Newsletter seeding
  • Social media seeding


  • Content: unlimited
  • Duration: 52 KW
  • Top news placement: 4 KW
  • Updates: 2 x text
  • Pageviews: 500 guaranteed
  • Clicks: 200 guaranteed
  • Newsletter seeding
  • Social media seeding

The details can also be found in the configurator: www.leadfactory.com/produkt/sponsored-post/ .

From booking to implementation of a Sponsored Post, we calculate an average of at least 3 working days.

No, your inquiry is initially completely non-binding. Only when the offer has been checked and signed by you, you place the order with us.

Satisfied costumers are our best reference

Referenz Marco Stolze

“Due to the high quality and quantity of decision maker leads in the LeadFactory database, we can now offer stand-alone newsletter addresses to our many B2B customers and market potentials in a more targeted manner at the highest professional level.”

Marco Proud, Managing Director TripleDoubleU GmbH

“LeadFactory is the best partner for new customer acquisition in B2B, with its own high-quality address database and a highly automated system that saves an enormous amount of work. For lead generation via email campaigns, flanked by social media marketing, LeadFactory is first choice.”

Christine Stumpf, CMO Lupus Labs
Referenz Wolfang Tittmar

“We work together with Leadfactory in address and lead generation. Performance and results convince us again and again.”

Wolfgang Tittmar, Marketing Manager, Truphone Germany

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