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Publication of an editorial article in a selected B2B portal of the Business.today Network.

  • Sponsored Post Configurator

    Start your individual content marketing with sponsored posts. Use the configurator to define your vertical and the appropriate campaign features.

    *Basic (199 €)

    *Plus (299 €)

    *Premium (499 €)

    • Content: up to 700 words
    • Duration: 52 CW
    • Top news placement: 1 CW
    • Newsletter-Seeding
    • Content: up to 1.000 words
    • Duration: 52 KW
    • Top news placement: 2 CW
    • Updates: 1 x Text
    • Newsletter-Seeding
    • Social-Media-Seeding
    • Content: unlimited
    • Duration: 52 CW
    • Top news placement: 4 CW
    • Updates: 2 x text
    • Newsletter-Seeding
    • Social-Media-Seeding

    Only applicable in combination with a lead generation campaign!

    Please select the preferred number at the end.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your sales manager or our sales team at any time: +49 40 3 28 90 52-330, [email protected].

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Reach more with Sponsored Posts in the Business.today Network

As a company, you want to reach vertical decision-makers from the fields of IT, marketing, HR, business, industry, trade or science. The Business.today Network operates a total of 14 specialist and topic portals which we publish your content in form of editorial specialist articles. The portals are aimed at target groups and readers with an explicit B2B background.

The Sponsored Post product

A Sponsored Post is an editorial trade article that is published as a full-fledged, tagged article via the above-mentioned BTN online channels. Each post is carefully reviewed by our content experts to achieve the greatest possible reach and target group response.

These are your benefits:

  • Top placement on the site in the first week after publication
  • Integration in topic channels
  • Placement in high-reach, topic-specific newsletters with up to 71,500 recipients
  • Up to 700 words of content
  • Duration of 52 weeks

You provide us with your content and we publish it on one of our topic portals, including newsletter seeding.

Your Target Group: B2B-Decision Maker

With high-quality sponsored posts on the portals of the Business.today Network, you as an advertising customer reach your B2B decision-makers in large companies and SMEs, primarily managing directors, project managers, department heads and authorized signatories. With us, you can address business-oriented target groups very precisely and benefit from the experience of our editorial team.

Our Topic Portals

Through our portals, you can reach over 250,000 B2B decision-makers every month. In this target group, you can address your marketing messages (news, product reviews, etc.) directly to your target group with sponsored posts and company news.

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