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Webinar Lead

Start the customer dialogue

through qualified contacts

With Webinar Leads, you get Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) who match the campaign-specific target group and have indicated their willingness to participate in a campaign sponsor webinar by actively registering for an event.

from 59,00 € Cost per lead

Whitepaper lead

Efficient lead generation across all digital channels. With individual webinar campaigns for multichannel lead generation, we deliver high-quality B2B leads.

Own your Lead Generation by configuring your whitepaper lead campaign individually

B2B Lead Generation for your event with the Leadfactory and the Business.today Network

An efficient Lead generation that uses all digital channels is the basis for growth and new business. With individual Content Marketing Campaigns to Multichannel lead generation we deliver high-quality B2B leads – customer-specific qualified, differentiated according to level of interest and degree of maturity, quality-assured and GDPR compliant.

Choose the optimal target group for your solutions

IT management decision-maker
HR decision-maker
Manufacturing decision-maker
Marketing decision-maker
Logistics decision-maker
others on request

Webinar lead in detail

Product description Marketing-Qaulified Lead (MQL) with the proven willingness to participate in a webinar appointment. The leads come from the campaign-specific target group and have actively registered for a webinar for the campaign sponsor.
Funnel position TOFU (top-of-the-funnel)
Billing Cost per lead (CpL)
Channels e-mail
Marketing content Webinar, webinar presentation, on-demand video
Services of the LeadFactory Webinar-PRO STANDARD

  • Generation of webinar registrants
  • Reminder emails until the appointment (max. 2)
  • Follow up emails with webinar presentations or link to on-demand video

Webinar hosting and moderation by the campaign sponsor.

Special services from the LeadFactory Webinar-PRO PLUS

  • Generation of webinar registrants
  • Reminder emails until the appointment (max. 2)
  • Webinar hosting and moderation by LeadFactory
  • Post-production for on-demand video
  • Detailed webinar reporting
  • Documentation of the live survey (optional)
  • Follow up emails with webinar presentations or link to on-demand video
CRM quality record
  • Lead: Salutation, first name, last name, job title, position / function, telephone number, personalized email address (exclusively company domains – no freemailers), social media account
  • Company: Name, company name, Comapny e-mail, website, address, branch, company size
Level of interest A Marketing Qualified Lead has an interest in further communication, regarding a company’s products or services.
Declaration of consent A declaration of consent is available. The lead is interested in receiving further information on products and services or the company by email or telephone.
After the handover Sales, possibly in cooperation with marketing, have the task of further processing the leads, as this is a personal contact with potential customers.

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Reach the right contacts with the right event

This is how it works: Increase your sales success

by simplifying your marketing efforts

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Do you have questions? We have the answers!

Webinars are professionally moderated online seminars that are broadcast over the Internet as live or demand webinars or are available online as recordings.

Anyone who registers for a webinar via website can participate. All you need to do is register with your personal email address.

After your registration, you will receive a confirmation email with your access data and further information on how participate in the webinar.

A live webinar you schedule on a fixed date and then meet your audience live. The Real-time interaction with your webinar attendees is the main advantage here.

The on-demand webinar is comes in Handy when your audience is extremely busy. they pre-record your webinar to share with your contacts or leads so they can access it anytime, anywhere .

We conduct our webinars with the GoToWebinar program. As a participant, all you need is stable internet access and an up-to-date browser. You will hear sound via speakers, headphones or alternatively via telephone.

For webinar participation, the GoToWebinar launcher is required, which installs automatically when you want to participate in the webinar.

For mobile devices, we recommend access via the GoToWebinar app .

No, since you are automatically muted as a participant, you do not need a webcam or microphone.

You can ask your questions via the chat.

It is also possible to participate in a webinar on the go. All you need for mobile participation is the GoToWebinar mobile app – the download is available for both Apple devices and Android devices.

If a webinar of your own is too much effort for you, but you would still like to present your topic or give a talk, we have the right solution for you. Become a speaker at one of our web conferences .

There is no risk for the customer as he only has to pay for the number of leads that follow his briefing.

We need around 30 working days to generate 100 leads per campaign. For the campaign setup and coordination with the customer, we use 10 working days.

Yes, the process and the consents are monitored by our external data protection officer. Basically, we deliver the generated leads with all permissions to use the prospect data for our customers.

No, your request is initially completely non-binding. Only when the offer has been checked and signed by us, you place the order with us.

Satisfied costumers are our best reference

Referenz Marco Stolze

“Due to the high quality and quantity of decision maker leads in the LeadFactory database, we can now offer stand-alone newsletter addresses to our many B2B customers and market potentials in a more targeted manner at the highest professional level.”

Marco Proud, Managing Director TripleDoubleU GmbH

“LeadFactory is the best partner for new customer acquisition in B2B, with its own high-quality address database and a highly automated system that saves an enormous amount of work. For lead generation via email campaigns, flanked by social media marketing, LeadFactory is first choice.”

Christine Stumpf, CMO Lupus Labs
Referenz Wolfang Tittmar

“We work together with Leadfactory in address and lead generation. Performance and results convince us again and again.”

Wolfgang Tittmar, Marketing Manager, Truphone Germany

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