This is what distinguishes us: experience, innovation and unique decision-making data

B2B know-how, online competence and a consistent content marketing philosophy make us one of the leading providers in B2B lead generation.

Experience, innovation and unique decision-making data

Optimize your B2B online presence with intelligent content marketing campaigns.

Bring your solutions directly to specialist decision-makers

Measurable results

Content management campaigns with LeadFactory deliver measurable results. Specific B2B leads for your sales team are identified, contacted in a targeted manner and qualified with important characteristics. So your sales can get faster, better deals. LeadFactory prepares the way to your new customers so that it becomes a breeze for you.

Accurate data selection

Reach the expert decision-makers who are relevant to your business. Use our powerful tool: an incomparable database with over two million highly qualified contacts from more than one million companies. Our experts will be pleased to advise you on the selection of your target group.

Efficient control

The central control of all the individual measures of a complex content marketing campaign over many channels is time-consuming and often requires technical support. The LeadFactory platform also allows marketer to display, control and report campaigns in many channels without the need for programming – independently, centrally and conveniently.

Multi-Channel Publishing

LeadFactory provides you with an impressive range for your campaigns. It includes more than 750 press and news portals from our collaborators, our own industry-specific portals, social networks such as Xing and LinkedIn groups, Facebook and Google+ pages, and a powerful database of B2B decision makers.

B2B know-how of experts

Benefit from the great experience that our team has accumulated in over 1000 campaigns with over 100 customers. We would be pleased to advise you on the development of your content marketing strategy, the set-up of campaigns, the target group selection, the control and evaluation of the results and the development of your lead nurturing.

Your success is our success.

Service from a single source

One of the most important success criteria of an online campaign is not to waste time with hooky interfaces, unclear surprises, elaborate customization programming and tough technical service. That is why the LeadFactory platform is built from a single source, built by experienced specialists who know hundreds of customers and campaigns.

Trust our solution from a single source.

Pass your lead generation into the hands of our experts

Ask for our noncommittal advice on all possibilities of online lead generation in the B2B segment.

New customer acquisition with LeadFactory

For B2B companies, new customer acquisition through online marketing is now easier than ever. The efficient technology and many years of experience of LeadFactory makes it possible. The budget decision-makers first get information online before they receive offers. Therefore, it is important to appear on the radar of the specialist audience at an early stage and in a targeted manner in order to attract new customers and increase the company turnover. The basis for successful online marketing is the optimization of the content marketing strategy to be found on the Internet by buyers. Get to know the benefits of LeadFactory’s Lead Generation.

New customers in the B2B environment

A simple and efficient implementation of new customer acquisition is a challenge for many B2B companies. The purchasing process starts months before the investment decision is made. Especially solution providers, whose services do not fit in simple drawers, are successfully using content marketing. The service offered by LeadFactory is to place products in need of explanation on relevant online channels, so that they are perceived by potential new customers.

Gain new customers with B2B expertise

Our employees have successfully implemented over 1,000 content marketing campaigns for world-renowned B2B companies from industrial sectors such as ITK, automation, HR and finance. This expertise has flowed into the LeadFactory platform and provides you with efficient lead generation for your sales. We have poured the best practices in customer acquisition into a step-by-step process, making it possible for each marketing employee of medium-sized businesses Companies to easily roll out a multi-channel campaign. It generates B2B-Leads , which will be prepared for the sales conversation during the campaign and can be won as new customers.

B2B new customer acquisition with flexible service

With LeadFactory, you choose a flexible service that adapts to your needs. Do you need full service, from creating your content marketing strategy, selecting online marketing channels, setting up your campaign, up to Lead Generation? You can get all new customer acquisition tools from LeadFactory from a single source. Is your marketing team so fit that it even creates the content and starts the campaign? Then, the LeadFactory platform is the ideal tool for centrally controlling the rollout of the campaign on many channels, saving both time and money.

The advantages of LeadFactory in the acquisition of new customers are:

  • Measurable results
  • Precise data selection
  • Efficient Campaign Management
  • Multi-Channel Publishing (including social media)
  • B2B know-how of experts
  • One-stop service

Contact us today to help new customer acquisition with B2B content marketing. Ask for our demo and a free consultation..