Vertical emailing

Vertical emailing


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Standalone e-mailing that is sent to the newsletter distribution list of one of the B2B specialist portals in the Network. Contents and assets come completely and finally from the client. The layout can be freely designed on the basis of existing or your own HTML templates. The billing unit is the number of emails sent (TKP).

  • E-Mailing Configurator

    Start your individual e-mailing campaign here. Use the configurator to define your target group, as well as the appropriate campaign features and additional services.

  • E-Mailing Campaign Features

    Proven standard template of the Network. 

    Final template of the client in HTML, quality assurance by Network.

    LeadFactory/ Network creates the email layout: briefing by the client, max. 2 correction runs.

  • E-Mail Management

    Please select the preferred number at the end

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your sales manager or our sales team: +49 40 3 28 90 52-330, [email protected].


Inform your target group with an individual vertical newsletter

On Vertical emailing is a quick and easy way to inform the desired target group about news. We send selected content to a total of up to 250,000 recipients via 5 relevant verticals. You use the range of the Networks and send out a newsletter tailored to your company.

These are the advantages of vertical emailing for you

  • High average performance
  • Access to up to 250,000+ specialists and managers
  • Relevant target group
  • Individual images and texts
  • Assistance with the layout design.

Direct access to your target group

Not only size, but also quality and relevance are decisive. Because newsletters should effectively support the achievement of your marketing / sales goals. With a newsletter, our customers can reach up to 50,000+ specialists and managers, depending on the target group. This will secure the attention of the market, attract participants for your (online / offline) events, market whitepapers and present new projects.

Your target group: B2B decision-makers

With high-quality newsletters, sent through one of our verticals, you as an advertising customer can reach your B2B decision-makers in large companies and SMEs, primarily managing directors, project managers, department heads and authorized signatories. With us, you can address business-oriented target groups very precisely and benefit from the experience of our editorial team.

Data & facts

The success of a vertical e-mail depends on its content. Valuable and well-prepared content, such as useful white papers or free offers, pave the way to your successful newsletter.

Key performance indicators:

  • Open rate: between 15% and 25%
  • Click rate (CTR): between 5% and 15%

Decision-maker level:

  • Management ~ 50%
  • Head of department ~ 20%
  • Department and project management ~ 20%
  • Expert decision maker ~ 10%
  • Companies: Large companies, international medium-sized companies, medium-sized companies, SMEs

Additional information


Newsletter marketing

Business model

Flat rate unit price


Newsletter distribution for the verticals IT management, production, HR, marketing.


Dispatch to up to 60,535 recipients, depending on the selected vertical / desired portal.


BTN standard template
Final HTML template of the client (max. 500 characters, free design of text + images + links, own HTML can be used. Header (600 x 250 px) and footer can be freely designed).
Newsletter creation by Network / LeadFactory


Max. 500 characters
Header 600 x 250 px
Logo 200 x 80 px

Services of the LeadFactory

Setup of the campaign and the campaign components.
Quality assurance, ie valid company e-mail addresses, availability.
Shipping testing and quality assurance.
Basic reporting.


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