Survey lead

Survey lead


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Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) who have participated in a survey conducted by the campaign sponsor. The leads come from the campaign-specific target group and have actively participated in the survey.

  • Lead-Konfigurator

    Start your individual lead generation here. Use the configurator to define your target group and the appropriate campaign features and additional services.

  • Please select the target group you mainly want to address.

    Please name your special target groups or functional areas that you mainly want to address. For special target groups, the offer is subject to change, i.e. prices may change in the further course. 

    Please name your specific positions or job titles that you mainly want to target. For special target groups, the offer is subject to change, i.e. prices may change in the further course. 

    Please select your preferred company size (by employees). For a specific size definition, please click on "Specific company size".

    Please state your specific company size that you mainly want to address. For special target groups, the offer is subject to change, i.e. prices may change in the further course.

    Please select the industry sectors you mainly want to address.

    Bitte nennen Sie Ihre speziellen Branchen, die Sie hauptsächlich ansprechen wollen. Bei speziellen Zielgruppen ist das Angebot freibleibend, d.h. im weiteren Verlauf können sich die Preise ändern. 

  • Survey-Campaign Features

  • Kampagnensteuerung


    Leadtelligence-Setup & Umsetzung Ihrer Leadgenerierungskampagne: Sammeln der Kampagnen-Assets (Marketing-Content, Bilder, Logos), E-Mailing, Landingpage, Umsetzung des Leadgen.-Konzeptes, Channelaufbau, Versandsteuerung, Qualitätssicherung, Kampagnenoptimierung, Übergabe der Leads.

    Bitte wählen Sie zum Abschluss das gewünschte Leadvolumen.

    Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich jederzeit gern an Ihren Salesmanager oder an unser Salesteam: +49 40 3 28 90 52-330, [email protected].

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Meet your target group at relevant events

Survey leads are Marketing Qualified Leads (MQL) who fit the campaign-specific target group and who have actively participated in a survey by the campaign sponsor. You have actively given your declaration of consent for the campaign sponsor to contact you further. The leads were generated with a content marketing campaign via email and other channels and have been qualified and quality assured by the LeadFactory. Feel free to get one Overview of our products .

These are your advantages of survey leads

  • Long-term effect via multichannel content marketing
  • Additional potential for the Middle-of-the-Funnel (MIFU) position in the sales funnel
  • Sales opportunities which are processed further through marketing and direct sales contact
  • Digital outbound lead generation for parallel inbound lead generation

B2B lead generation with the LeadFactory and the Network

An efficient Lead generation that uses all digital channels is the basis for growth and new business. With individual content marketing campaigns for multichannel lead generation, we deliver high-quality B2B leads – customer-specific, qualified, differentiated according to level of interest and maturity, quality-assured and GDPR-compliant.

Additional information


Content marketing & lead generation

Funnel position

TOFU (top-of-the-funnel)

Business model

Cost per lead (CPL)

Lead type

Marketing Qualified Lead (MQL)


E-mail, telemarketing

Marketing content

Survey, optional: white paper, one-pager, infographic

Services of the LeadFactory

Identification of the target group based on the LeadFactory B2B database.
Activation of the target group via multichannel content marketing campaign (incl. Campaign setup in lead telligence, editing and layout of the campaign components, such as e-mail, landing page, sponsored post, campaign quality assurance).
Implementation of the campaign across all channels.
Qualification of the generated leads, as well as quality assurance and handover of the leads.

Special services from the LeadFactory

Survey service:
Conducting the survey,
Analysis and evaluation of the data,
Preparation of the data in a standard report (PPT, XLS).


Salutation, surname, first name, position / function, company, address, country, industry, company size (employee), email address, possibly telephone number

Level of interest

There is an in-depth interest in the products and services of the campaign sponsor. The lead would like to receive more information on a regular basis.

letter of acceptance

E-mail permission is available. After completing the survey, the lead can be provided with the results (e.g. infographic)

Nurturing with the lead owner

Marketing has the task of using a content marketing approach to further develop MQL in the direction of SQL.