Lead Calling – option for a MQL-lead campaign


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Potential Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) with a direct interest in your topic and an immediate concern to conduct a further consultation. The leads come from the previous Leadfactory campaign and have already actively shown their interest. The billing unit is the number of leads to be called .

  • Kampagnensteuerung


    Leadtelligence-Setup & Umsetzung Ihrer Leadgenerierungskampagne: Sammeln der Kampagnen-Assets (Marketing-Content, Bilder, Logos), E-Mailing, Landingpage, Umsetzung des Leadgen.-Konzeptes, Channelaufbau, Versandsteuerung, Qualitätssicherung, Kampagnenoptimierung, Übergabe der Leads.

    Bitte wählen Sie zum Abschluss das gewünschte Leadvolumen.

    Bei Rückfragen wenden Sie sich jederzeit gern an Ihren Salesmanager oder an unser Salesteam: +49 40 3 28 90 52-330, [email protected].


Have your MQLs qualified even further – individually through this lead calling option

Professional appointment scheduling by phone though the specifically briefed Leadfactory and Business.today Network Call-Agents

An efficient lead generation that uses all digital channels is the basis for growth and new business. With individual content marketing campaigns for multichannel lead generation, we deliver high-quality B2B leads – customer-specifically qualified and differentiated according to level of interest and maturity, entirely validated and GDPR-compliant.

Our offer for professional appointment scheduling further qualifies yourMarketing Qualified Leads (MQL). The focus is exclusively on your new leads from the current campaign with us. The leads automatically match your target group and have already signaled their interest in being contacted by you. Upon request – We can take this step for you.

Your advantages:

  • targeted and prompt following-up of your new leads by phone
  • Further qualification into a SQL (Sales-Qualified-Lead)
  • Placement of your individual topics and information collecting about the need of the potential new customer
  • Identification of “hot leads” for the direct preparation of offers
  • Note: in our experience 3 to 4 dialing attempts per lead are necessary to conduct a qualified follow-up call
  • Note: If a lead from the analog lead campaign is not reached by phone within two weeks of registration, the lead is considered to have been processed and is fully billable *

Lead Calling Services

  • Provision of professionally trained tele-sales agents from the Leadfactory sales team
  • Repeated attempts to dial the leads so that, if they are reached, a final statement is gathered (appointment or consultation request, additional documents, future termination, no interest)
  • Afresh placement of your topic and re-visualization of your services and products
  • Billing unit: Cost per call (only applies in connection to a lead campaign with us – one call consists of several dialling attempts)


* Exceptions apply to the booked product option lead nurturing or known, verifiable absences

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