Leadfactory Expertenberatung

1. Advice from experts

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced specialists. We accompany you in the formulation of your content marketing strategy, the objective of your campaign, the creation of the content, the management and the controlling. If you wish, we can take over the wheel and you can look over our shoulder.

2. Channel selection & selection management

You have the choice to play your campaign with high marketing pressure into many channels. Specialist portals, discussion groups, social networks, press and news portals, and direct contact via email. Locate the channels that are most relevant to your target group. Select the expert decision-makers who are the most important for you and your sales from our database.

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Leadfactory Kampagnenerstellung

3. Campaign creation and control

Easily create your campaign on our platform without any programming skills. You do not need any prior knowledge; we guide you intuitively through the modules, step by step. Mailing, landing page, postings in news portals, recommendations in social networks. Control them centrally and gain time through the high degree of automation of our platform.