Our service for agencies

LeadFactory generates highly qualified B2B leads. With this performance-based service, you as an agency can support your own B2B customers in their sales process much better. We are technical service providers for the efficient process of lead generation and complete our service with a qualified contact center with over two million contacts from more than one million companies.

Our comprehensive system bundles the measures of a B2B lead campaign through several channels in one platform. It minimizes the administrative burden and the costs around the topic of content marketing and lead generation for agencies. The central control of the editorial channels also supports the agencies in Monitoring results at each level of the lead process, thus increasing the quality of their services towards customers.

Our collaboration approach allows agencies to expand their online marketing portfolio to B2B companies. The agency is the contact person for its customer, responsible for the creative content creation, and seamlessly pledges the path to sales-relevant online channels and interferes valuable expert decision makers contacts.

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This is how our service works

Leadfactory Expertenberatung

1. Advice from experts

Benefit from the expertise of our experienced specialists. We accompany you in the formulation of your content marketing strategy, the objective of your campaign, the creation of the content, the management and the controlling. If you wish, we can take over the wheel and you can look over our shoulder.

2. Channel selection and selection management

You have the choice to play your campaign with high marketing pressure into many channels. Specialist portals, discussion groups, social networks, press and news portals, and direct contact via email. Locate the channels that are most relevant to your target group. Select the expert decision-makers who are the most important for you and your sales from our database.

Leadfactory Auswahl Selektion
Leadfactory Kampagnenerstellung

3. Campaign creation and control

Easily create your campaign on our platform without any programming skills. You do not need any prior knowledge; we guide you intuitively through the modules, step by step. Mailing, landing page, postings in news portals, recommendations in social networks. Control them centrally and gain time through the high degree of automation of our platform.

4. B2B lead generation

You can get measurable results in form of highly qualified B2B leads for your sales. All the relevant information on a contact person you need to be well prepared in sales for direct contact. The department, decision-making level, company size, sector, budgeted amount and investment period are important lead indicators for most of our customers.

Leadfactory Leadgenerierung
Leadfactory Monitoring

5. Monitoring and service

Monitor all campaign steps in each phase. With our reports and analyses, you are always up-to-date. Look live at the status of your campaign and follow up, if necessary. Compare your key figures with similar campaigns. Add publishing channels, expand the audience, or send follow-up mailings. We have everything prepared for you.